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Camp Howe's Staff is the single most important ingredient in the lives of our campers. They are the common denominator that gives the kids the best possible experience. They are the people who share, laugh, encourage and care for our campers. They are the heroes, mentors, best friends and teachers. We maintain a staff of approximately 50 individuals who give 100% to the needs of the camp and campers. They grow through the experience in ways they never thought they would. They know they have made a difference in the lives of the campers because of the difference the campers have made in theirs. Being a staff member at Camp Howe often becomes much more than a summer job; it’s an unforgettable experience in which you will work along side staff from around the country and around the world, make lifelong friendships and create amazing memories while in our fun and supportive environment.

In order to accomplish the goals we set for our campers, we rely on a staff of enthusiastic, motivated and skilled women and men who love camp (or look forward to learning more about it), enjoy working with youth, and have knowledge they want to share. Our counselors are college students, educators, child care workers, performers and youth workers age 18 or older. We look for staff as diverse as the campers that we serve. All of our staff are expected to work with all of our campers. Despite these differences, they have at least two things in common: they love children, and they love a challenge. If you are not prepared to work with staff and youth with disabilities, different cultural backgrounds, different religions, genders and orientation - just to name a few, then perhaps another camp may be a better fit for you.


If you think you would like to work for us, please continue and click onto "Apply" to fill out the application complete with references. Thanks for your time, you won't regret your decision to explore employment at Camp Howe!

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