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Camp Howe is divided by age, each housed in a separate area of the camp. We do offer a gender-inclusive cabin for each age group. Camp is further structured into three programs divided by age: Juniors, Teens, and Counselors-In-Training. A day program is an alternative for our Junior Campers who may not be ready for resident camp. In addition, we have a fully inclusive program for youth with disabilities to enjoy a traditional, fun-filled camp experience.



This program is for children entering 1st through 6th grade. They stay in a cabin with up to 10 campers and 2 staff members. The cabin will enjoy most activities as a group, including, but not limited to, a climbing tower, low challenge course, waterfront activities, arts and crafts, sports, and farm life. This program is structured and offers a largely set program with additional opportunities for campers to individually choose activities based on their personal choice. Each day, cabin groups will partake in swim practice and free swim, which is an opportunity to build on their swimming skills and abilities.


An exciting outdoor program for teens entering 7th grade and up. This experience focuses on developing leadership skills, teamwork, trust, commitment, responsibility, and self-awareness. The majority of activities are offered as choices, so the program is more youth-guided and tailored to meet the interests of the individual teenager.

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Counselors in Training

This program requires a four-week commitment over two years. A CIT receives leadership and development training, shares cabin responsibilities with counselors, and learns to apply teaching skills in program areas of their choice. Skills learned can be applied both in and out of camp. All youth, ages 16-17, interested in learning to become camp counselors are encouraged to apply. (The course does not guarantee a counselor position upon completion. If, upon completion, CIT is still under 18, they may volunteer as a Jr. Counselor). Space is limited. Write, call, or e-mail for additional information. A separate application is necessary to apply please ask.


This program is for children entering 1st through 6th grade or campers in the ECHO Program who are not ready for an overnight experience. They will be assigned to a cabin and spend the day with their cabin group, going to all the great activities - just like a resident camper - but will go home each night. If we have large numbers of Day Campers any one week, we may place them together as a cabin group. Day campers attend Monday through Friday. They arrive daily at 8:30 am and are picked up at 5:45 pm. With prior arrangements, we can be flexible with pick-up and drop-off times. Day campers have an option to stay late one night for the camp evening program.

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Echo (for youth that need additional support)

This program is for youth ages 7 to 17 who need additional support. The youth are fully integrated into every aspect of the camp program, from cabin living to every activity. The Echo program has a more than 50-year history and is an integral part of our camp program and camp community. Initially, the program was targeted toward the inclusion of youth with physical disabilities and has since broadened to incorporate youth with a wide range of developmental disabilities and needs. All youth benefit when they live, laugh, and play together. A couple of things to consider: we are not a specialized therapeutic program. We cannot support youth who are physical towards others or unable to stay with a group nor provide one-on-one staffing for all that request it. Please contact us prior to registering. We recommend no more than 1 or 2 weeks, particularly when the campers are young. The additional fee for this program supports a second full-time staff assigned to the group.

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