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Welcome to the Monthly Email Archive! At Camp Howe, we strive to keep our families informed and engaged throughout the year. If you've missed any of our monthly emails or just want to revisit important information, you're in the right place. Below, you'll find a consolidated list of our past monthly communications, ensuring you're always up-to-date with the latest news and updates from camp.

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"Inclusivity is why we love Camp Howe. It is this bedrock point of view that I share as the highlight of what sets this camp experience apart when I speak about it with other potential camp families."

February 2024

Today is the National Day of Banana Bread… and Tootsie Rolls… Playing Tennis… and not forgetting all of our internationals; it is the International Day of Dog Biscuit Appreciation, and finally, Curling is Cool Day! It is a great day to remember and honor fun things… which prompted us to write to you as camp is fun!

We're thrilled you believe and value Camp Howe as a fun and growth-promoting experience and have already signed up your kids for this coming summer! We understand that the automatic paperwork reminders might seem impersonal, but we want to ensure that everything is taken care of in plenty of time. Now that the snow is melting and the days are getting warmer, we wanted to touch base and remind you that we're just as excited as you are about the upcoming season. Keep an eye out for more updates and fun surprises along the way!

In anticipation of a wonderful season, we wanted to give you updates and things to look forward to this season at Camp Howe.


1: Staffing

We are in the process of hiring an incredible team of staff and have already started highlighting them on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can also learn more about them on our website at We are thrilled to announce that Nora will return as the director and celebrate her 18th year at Howe. Nora has recruited an incredible leadership team, who, in turn, are hiring an amazing team to round out the summer. Gretta will return to the kitchen, and Kimi will oversee the healthcare staff. Many of the staff members are familiar faces to our returning families, and we are equally excited to welcome new staff members from over eight different states and ten different countries.

We still have a few spots open, so if you know any amazing individuals (college and beyond), we are looking for counselors, kitchen assistants, and a couple of weeks of nurses. Please refer them to our website at


2: Paperwork

Having registered, you have been provided access to all necessary paperwork required for your attendance. While the deadline for submission is June 1st, we strongly encourage you to start working on it as soon as possible. We receive an influx of paperwork just before the summer, which takes us longer to review. We will begin reviewing paperwork in March/April. If you are a new member of Echo families, Emma has already started reaching out to campers who have completed their applications.

We want to thank the families already working on their paperwork and to the 9% of campers who have already reached the 100% complete status, we commend you. If you haven't completed your paperwork yet, don't worry; you are in the majority. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

For those who tend to do things at the last minute, we strongly advise that you start thinking about the medical forms now. Appointments for physicals have been difficult to secure over the last few years, and we predict it will be the same this year.


3: Themes

Camp Howe offers a well-structured weekly program with daily and weekly creative themes to make the experience even more enjoyable. Our program director has been working on these themes for months and will announce them soon, along with a list of items campers should bring with them to camp. We want to ensure that these requests are everyday items and do not require families to spend extra money. For instance, campers may need a specific colored shirt or bandana. We believe including these themes and items will bring more fun to our program and make the experience more memorable. And with a creative mind, everything can fit any theme - so don't forget to pack any Halloween costumes - It is always fun to see a random Gorilla at lunch and the Tu-Tu cabin heading to archery!


4: Communication

We want to keep you informed and connected with us leading up to the summer season. We plan to communicate with you at least once a month with updates on what's happening at our camp. In late March, we will host an information session on Zoom, where we can all come together and share information. This session will be a great opportunity for returning families to share with our newer families. We are currently finalizing our trainers for our staff, and once that is done, we will announce the date for our open house. At this time, we anticipate that the open house will take place on Saturday, June 22nd. We will keep you updated and ensure you are well-prepared for the upcoming summer season.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We welcome all your thoughts and concerns. We hope your kids are eagerly looking forward to this summer, just as our staff and management are excited. Each summer, but particularly these last few years, we witnessed the true value of camp, and it was an experience that intensified and highlighted our commitment to providing a great summer for every child. We are excited for another amazing season.


See you this summer

Terrie Campbell, Executive Director

Nora Hill, Director


For anyone interested, Saturday is National Tortilla Chip Day, National Trading Card Day, World Bartender Day, International Sword Swallowers Day, and finally, International I Hate Coriander Day! Celebrate each day!

March 2024


Dear Camp Howe Families,


We hope this message finds you well and looking forward to the upcoming camp session. As we continue our preparations for the summer, we would like to provide you with our monthly update to inform you about important details and developments and better prepare you and your child for a Camp Howe experience.




Beyond our website, you can keep up to date by following us on Facebook or Instagram.

Camp Open House

Saturday, June 22nd – 1 to 3 pm We will be sending more information out closer to the date.

Family Zoom

If you would be interested in attending an online Zoom chat, please let us know. We are working on a date in mid to late April.



Camp Howe relies on word-of-mouth advertising, and nothing shouts louder than local or regional recognition as the best in our field. We already hold the title of Best Summer Camp in the Valley, but our reach extends far beyond our region.

Please take a moment to vote (in any category you believe we fit)for us in Boston Parent Magazine and uphold our title.



While we are still looking to fill those last few counselor positions (spread the word if you know of anyone), we are excited by the team we have pulled together. Here are a few stats 66% are returning 73% are over the age of 21 (average age 25, median age 22) 6 of the 7 continents are represented (with staff from 14 different countries) 100% are committed to making this an amazing summer.


Last week, the State of Massachusetts unrolled new regulations for Summer Camp Licenses. These changes are minimal to us and reflect many practices we already follow as they align with the Standards set forth through our accreditation with the American Camp Association.

The one change that will impact you will be a revision of our medical authorization. In the past, we have had our Camp Physician and a child’s parent/ guardian give permission for life-saving administration of an epi-pen in the event of a medical emergency. The new requirement is that we have written permission for non-licensed staff to administer them. We do NOT make a habit of administering this medication. We do so ONLY when it is believed a child is going to anaphylaxis and no other option will save their life.

Beyond our health care team, we have many staff certified in basic or professional first aid, CPR, and EPI pen administration, and all staff is trained to assist in medical emergencies, which include epi-pen and inhaler administration. In order to meet this new regulation we added to the authorization under the medication page.

If your account was at 100%, we regret to tell you that you will need to fill out that page.

Path to a Successful Summer: All things medical

It's essential to ensure that you have all the necessary medical information and documentation in place for your child's upcoming camp experience. Here are some key points to remember:

Bringing Medical Forms: If you completed the medical forms online, there is no need to bring any additional forms on the first day of camp. However, if you mailed the forms and do not see them in your account, it's recommended to bring a copy of what you sent.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires camps to have a Health Form for every camper and staff member. The parent or guardian of minors should supply information for the Health History tab in CampDocs within six months before camp



As per Massachusetts state regulations, a current physical and immunization record is required for attendance at Camp Howe.

  • The physical and medication orders do not need to be on the camp form; many physicians have computer-generated physicals and medication orders but the physical MUST have a signature and date of exam on it and the medical authorization must have all the information requested on our form.

  • The physical must be within 18 months from the last day of camp.



If your child takes medication routinely or on an as-needed basis, you will need to obtain an order from a physician for each medication and sign the parental consent form. This includes OTC medications not listed on our OTC list that our Camp Health Consultant has approved for the camp to administer.

WAIVERS Massachusetts allows for a religious or medical waiver of immunizations but does not recognize a waiver for philosophical reasons. If your child is not fully immunized, you will need to provide a medical waiver signed by a physician or sign a religious exemption waiver. Waivers can also cover physicals.

TIMELY COMPLETION OF PAPERWORK Do not wait until the last minute to have your child’s physician fill out forms, as physicians are often overwhelmed with camp and sports participation physical and form requests in late spring/early summer.



Medications brought to camp must be in the original container.




We hope this information helps you prepare your child for a safe and enjoyable camp experience. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Terrie, Nora and the Amazing 2024 team!

April 2024

Dear Camp Howe Families,

With the weather finally warming up, it's beginning to feel like summer is just around the corner! Despite the challenges of an ice storm and a foot of snow last month, we're thrilled to embrace the arrival of spring at Camp Howe.


Clean up Day!

To celebrate the changing seasons and prepare our camp for the upcoming summer adventures, we're hosting a Spring Clean-Up event this Saturday, from 9 AM to 3 PM. We'll be tackling tasks like clearing brush, spring cleaning our buildings, and hopefully getting some painting done. Your help would be invaluable, so please let us know if you can attend.


Voting is easy!

In other exciting news, we're honored to share that Camp Howe has reached the final round of voting for the "Boston Parent Family Favorites" awards! This incredible achievement is thanks to your unwavering support during the nomination phase. But we're not done yet – we need your help to clinch this prestigious recognition! If you believe in the positive impact Camp Howe has on our community and the lives of our campers, we would be deeply grateful if you could cast your vote for us.

Voting is simple! Just follow this link: [insert link to vote]. Every single vote brings us closer to achieving this incredible milestone and furthering our mission of enriching the lives of young people through summer camp experiences. Your continued support means the world to us, and it motivates us to continue striving for excellence in everything we do.

Financial Information

As we gear up for an exciting summer at Camp Howe, we want to ensure everyone is well-informed about our financial policies and procedures. Here are some key details you should be aware of:

  1. Final Payment Deadline: To secure your camper's spot, please ensure that final payment of camp fees is received by June 1st. However, it is imperative that payment is received at least four weeks before the start of the session.

  2. Payment by Check: If you prefer to make your payment by check, please make it payable to "Camp Howe Inc." and mail it to PO Box 326, Goshen MA 01032.

  3. Payment Plan Option: We understand the financial commitment involved in sending your child to camp. That's why we offer a flexible payment plan to accommodate most families' needs. You can select the Payment Plan option in campdocs. Please note that full payment must be received no later than four weeks before the start of the program.

  4. Refund Policy: Reserving a spot for your child involves a non-refundable fee of $100.00 per week. This fee ensures that our resources are allocated efficiently and prevents other campers from enrolling if the session is full. Tuition, minus the deposit, may be refunded with a signed doctor’s note and an explanation of the medical reason addressed to the Executive Director. Please review our full refund policy detailed on our website or contact our Camp Office for further clarification.


We hope this information helps you prepare for an incredible summer experience at Camp Howe. If you have any questions or concerns regarding finances or any other aspect of your camper's enrollment, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for choosing Camp Howe for your child's summer adventure. We're eagerly anticipating the opportunity to create cherished memories with your camper!

Warm regards,

Terrie, Nora and the incredible Summer 2024 Team!

May 2024

Dear Camp Howe Camper Families,


As we gear up for another fantastic summer at Camp Howe, we understand that sending your child away for an overnight camp experience can sometimes be accompanied by worries about homesickness. Rest assured, we're here to support both you and your camper every step of the way.


Is Your Child Ready for Overnight Camp? Deciding if your child is ready for overnight camp can be challenging. Every child is unique, and readiness varies from individual to individual. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Has your child attended day camp programs or participated in team sports?

  • Has your child spent a night or more away from family?

  • What is your child's level of independence and responsibility?

  • How easily does your child make friends and get along with peers?

  • Is your child comfortable expressing needs and concerns to adults?

  • Is your child excited about the prospect of attending overnight camp?

  • Are you, as a parent, prepared for your child to be away at camp?


How You Can Help Your Child Avoid Homesickness: There are several proactive steps you can take to prepare your child for the camping experience and minimize the chances of homesickness:

  1. Involve Your Child: Engage your child in discussions about camp and give them a voice in the decision-making process.

  2. Make a Pre-Camp Visit: Consider arranging a visit to Camp Howe before the camping session begins to familiarize your child with the environment and meet the staff.

  3. Talk About Camp: Have open conversations about what to expect at camp, including daily routines, activities, and potential concerns.

  4. Provide Practice Time Away: Gradually expose your child to time away from home through sleepovers with friends or weekend trips with youth groups.

  5. Discuss Homesickness: Address feelings of homesickness openly and brainstorm coping strategies with your child.

  6. Use Positive Language: Frame discussions about camp in a positive light and avoid expressing doubts or concerns that may fuel anxiety.

  7. Send Reaffirming Letters: Send encouraging letters to your child before camp begins, emphasizing excitement and positivity about the upcoming experience.

  8. Avoid Making Deals: Refrain from promising early pick-ups or frequent phone calls, as this may undermine your child's sense of independence and confidence.


What to Do If Homesickness Occurs: If your child experiences homesickness during their time at Camp Howe, rest assured that our staff is trained to provide support and assistance. We encourage open communication and work closely with campers to address their feelings and concerns.


Returning campers may also experience adjustment periods, particularly if there have been changes in their camp environment. We actively involve returning campers in supporting new campers and facilitate a smooth transition for all.

Our priority is to ensure that every camper has a positive and fulfilling experience at Camp Howe. If you ever receive a homesick letter from your child, please resist the urge to immediately intervene. Instead, reach out to our staff for updates and guidance on how best to support your child through any challenges they may be facing.


We're committed to making this summer a memorable and enriching experience for your child, and we appreciate your partnership in achieving this goal.


Warm regards,

Terrie, Nora and the Amazing staff of 2024

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