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Nothing about Camp Howe is TYPICAL!  We have a schedule to offer structure to our program but activities change every day to keep the interest of our campers peaked. Each day is jampacked of fun actvities. 

Our Junior and Day campers get to experience almost all the activities we offer – at a level and pace that works for children their age. Each day, they will get to enjoy time at the waterfront practicing aquatic skills and free swim. Also built into the schedule are opportunities to explore interests independent to their cabin and group.
Our Teen program is self-guided and each teen gets to decide what they in each activity block. During each block for teens we offer low, medium and high energy choices.
A rest period is included for all campers camper’s participate in back to back swim practice and free swim periods.


Early Morning Interest Groups
For campers that chose to get up early that can meet at the flagpole and  enjoy a swimming, walking, running, music and stretching/ yoga type activity.
 Wake Up time
We start the day as a community at Morning Flag at 8am. Flag is a communal gathering to start the day.Announcements are made and campers get to learn about other states of countries – a different one each flag.

The entire camp comes together for meals, unless they pre plan a sleep in breakfast, pack out lunch or a meal cooked over the fire. 

Day campers arrive after breakfast.

Following CIA’s (Camp Improvement Acts), campers will enjoy two activity blocks. Juniors experiencing activities as a cabin group or joining another cabin (some activities are more fun with more people). These can include boating, ropes course or archery… really any of the activities listed on our activity page or special activities introduced to camp by our talented staff.

Teens gather as a group and divide into groups based on their interests.

Lunch is enjoyed outdoors picnic style if weather permits.

Camp Store
The camp store is open every day after lunch. Candy is available a couple of times a day. Other types of souvineers are available - towels, water bottles, croc jibbits - just to name a few. 

Each group gets to enjoy the waterfront, rest during siesta and engage in our special interest groups. These activities include on day interest groups (each campers gets to choose a different one every day) and our 5 days interest group (each camper gets to dive deep into once activity each day for the week).

Siesta is a a rest period. This is time to  relax with cabin-mates back at the cabin. This is also a great time to write to  friends and family who are not at camp. During this time, you will also receive mail four times per session.

Day campers get picked up before dinner.


Dinner enjoyed as a cabin group again. 

Evening Flag 
Another flag and another session learning about another state or country. This can include random facts, national anthems or dances from the region. 

Evening Programs
The first night of camp is spent with the cabin or unit getting to know one another. Every other evening is filled with fun activities for the entire camp community. Events include talent shows, camp fire, scavenger hunts, mysteries, dance and parties and whatever fun adventures the staff can create. Many activities are based around the them of the week. 

After Goodnight Cirle


Our younger campers will head to their cabins for the evening. They will spend time getting ready for bed and spent quiet time in their cabins. When everyone is ready, each cabin will have cabin chat. Cabin chat is a time to reflect, learn about others, learn about yourself, and share your experiences with new and old friends. Cabin time is often the most memorable time at camp.


Once the younger campers have gone to bed, the teens get to enjoy a second evening program tailored to meet their interests and developmental needs. From here teens head to their cabins and begin their own evening rountine which also includes cabin chat. 

Getting much needed sleep so they can have the energy for another fun filled day.

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