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Camp Howe provides day, overnight, and weekly camping programs for youth of all ages, primarily focusing on creating a community where everyone is included and has a sense of belonging. The camping experience is tailored to accommodate individuals' skill levels and changing needs to enhance their experiences, skills, and abilities in a totally inclusive manner. 

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Our Mission

To offer a high quality, accredited, educational, and recreational camping program, and facilities to all youth and adults in a formative experience that helps to prepare them with basic life skills involving teamwork, leadership, decision making, resource management, self-awareness, coping, communicating, and relating to others. 

Our Values

We work towards fulfilling our mission  by creating supportive environments for diverse youth and adults to reach their fullest potential by:

  • Providing a safe, enjoyable outdoor learning experience

  • Providing opportunities to develop leadership, social, and group living skills while fostering creativity, independence, and responsibility

  • Offering a choice of age-appropriate programs that build confidence and self-esteem

  • Encouraging an understanding and respect for the environment, animals, agriculture, and natural resources

  • And building an appreciation and acceptance of the differences in people, and developing a caring community. 

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To achieve this, Camp Howe provides age-appropriate recreational activities to assist youth in gaining valuable life skills, such as

  • Accepts differences in others

  • Adapts to change

  • Develop new skills

  • Does better with group living skills

  • Has a greater appreciation for the outdoors

  • Has increased self‐esteem

  • Has more willingness to try new things

  • Is more confident

  • Is more responsible and helpful

  • More independent

  • Skills to take care of self

  • Takes care of his/her own things

  • Takes leadership role




of campers returned home WITH INCREASED SELF ESTEEM


of campers returned home MORE CONFIDENT



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Our History

In 1928 William F. Howe helped to arrange for the Hampshire County 4-H to start a camp in a location that is now the Quabin Reservoir. During this year William Howe passed away and for the next summer season, the Hampshire County 4-H Camp was billed as Camp Howe to honor this man who was loved and respected by 4-H members and leaders alike. After these first few years of operation, Camp Howe moved around from place to place and finally, in 1935, settled in Goshen, Massachusetts. For our first 95 years, Camp Howe operated as a 4H camp. 

With this rich history, ignited by our involvement with the 4H program, our camp has developed and grown into the wonderful camp it is today. Camp Howe has become known for the exceptional community created in which youth feel a sense of belonging and an active part of a community focused on the acceptance of differences of others and personal growth. The program is the only program in the entire country that has been recognized with the Eleanor P. Eels Award for program excellence twice by the American Camp Association. Camp Howe has also been voted the best summer camp in the Republican Newspaper locally and in Boston Parent's magazine. 

Our People

We do a lot with a little. Year-round we have one full-time Executive Director who oversees the operations of all aspects of camp. Priority is given to ensuring we meet all required licensing and accreditation standards. This is achievable through the support of dedicated volunteers. 

As a nonprofit organization, Camp Howe is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors that meets bi-monthly. Board members bring a wide range of professional and life experience, including their personal experiences at Camp Howe during their own childhood or sending their children to camp. Our Board of Directors is committed to supporting the mission and philosophy of Camp Howe. They support the Executive Director in furthering this mission to ensure we remain as relevant in the future, as it is to the youth we serve today!

Each year, an incredible staff is hired from across the country and the world, to bring the magic to the woods of Goshen.

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