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As you explore the world of summer camps, you will find many opportunities available to you and your family. As a parent or caretaker, you will want to choose a program that supports the values you instill at home. Review our programs, activities, and overall philosophy and determine if it is a good fit for you and your child. If after reviewing all of our information you are still not sure, reach out to us and one of our leadership team would be more than happy to speak with you and/ or your child. 

Our strongest asset is the community that has been established, one that is accepting of differences in others. This forms the basis of all that we do and forms a community that truly embraces and values the differences in each other. In a community of this kind, true life lessons can be experienced, learned, practiced and understood. In this environment youth have the freedom to explore their own personal biases, self-concepts and social pressures and the opportunity to make life effecting changes. We are committed to building on the community created to establish a more accepting environment more every season. We believe that by being an inclusive environment, all members of the community must be active in its success. As youth become more independent, our program is designed to create a sense of community in which everyone is supported at their individual level.

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Camp Howe is divided by age or gender, each housed on separately at camp by cabins. We do offer a gender-inclusive cabin for each age group. Camp is further structured into three programs divided by age: Juniors, Teens, and Counselors-In-Training. A day program is offered as an alternative for our Junior Campers who may not be ready for resident camp. In addition, we have a fully inclusive program for youth with disabilities to enjoy a traditional, fun-filled camp experience.

We limit each camper's stay to no more than four weeks, ideally taking a week or two off between registered sessions. All campers must go home at the end of a two-week session; campers enrolling for more than one two-week session must go home between sessions. We aim to ensure each child gets the most out of their stay with us.

Our activities are designed to challenge each child in a safe and fun way. The program intends to ensure that every camper is comfortable and happy with his or her achievements and limitations. Activities, while fun, are tools for assisting in the personal growth of an individual and the community as a whole. Campers get to choose some of your activities to fit their interests, while other programs are enjoyed by their entire group to provide well-rounded experiences.

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Camp Howe offers one- and two-week sessions for our Junior, Teen, and Echo sleepaway programs. Sleep away camp runs Sunday through Friday. Our day program is weekly, running Monday through Friday. Our CIT program is always a two-week program.
If the cost of camp feels out of reach for your family, we are committed to making sure the camp experience is totally affordable for every family through our financial aid program.

Days Until the first camper of 2023 arrives!

Nothing about Camp Howe is TYPICAL! We have a schedule to offer structure to our program, but activities change every day to keep the interest of our campers peaked.

Each day is balanced with high-energy activities with periods that allow campers to refresh and recharge. 


For over 95 years, Camp Howe has welcomed thousands of campers from all across Massachusetts, the East Coast, the United States, and the world to experience just how fantastic summer can be. Hiring a group of committed, creative, caring, and fun staff is essential to our success. A good camp staff is crucial to a good summer camp; we think our staff are amazing. Camp Howe is all about the people and relationships.

Food is key to a great camp experience. It keeps our campers happy and energized, which is essential for the fast-paced life at camp. Our chefs are hired from the local area and are committed to providing food that balances being healthy and kid-friendly.


Our facilities are rustic yet functional and blend our site into the natural environment of the woods. We spend as much time as we can outdoors, but we have a facility that allows campers to be creative and engaged indoors when needed.

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Stemming from our commitment to serving youth and a history of incorporating the values of 4H, youth learn through experiential or hands-on learning and gain valuable life skills needed to be successful - both as children and as adults. These skills include communication, decision-making, problem-solving, sharing, and conflict resolution. They gain these skills at Camp Howe from participating in traditional and contemporary camp activities, social interaction with other children and staff, and other unique experiences at summer camp.

Providing a fun, safe, inclusive camp experience that promotes individual growth takes a lot of intentionality, planning, and commitment. We fully understand that finding a camp that meets your and your child’s needs, wants, and expectations is equally as complicated. We have compiled a list of questions and answers that hopefully answer all your questions and will assist you in assessing whether Camp Howe is the best fit for your family.


The Pillars of Camp Howe


Camp Howe is a licensed camp and complies with all of the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Local Board of Health. In addition to this, the camp has chosen to be accredited by the American Camp Association and annually meets or exceeds nearly 300 standards in the following areas; Health and Wellness; Program Design and Activities; Aquatics; Human Resources; Transportation; Site and Facility and Operational Management.
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