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The staff at Camp Howe are the backbone of our program and the foundation upon which our success has been built. Without them, Camp Howe would not be the magical place that it is! It is for this reason we look for mature, committed and responsible staff who believe in our mission, love what they do and care about the experience of each and every child we serve. There is a strong feeling of family at Camp Howe, and everyone, staff and campers alike, become part of our Camp Howe Family. We look for staff that will reflect the diversity of our camp community to help us build a community of acceptance and inclusion. Our staff size is typically between 45 and 55 amazing adults to care for our campers.

We seek staff with a wide array of experience and carefully select childcare professionals, students and graduates from the leading colleges and universities around the country and the world. Together, they provide Camp Howe's campers with the best possible summer experience.



Recruiting staff is a major part of our off-season work. Each year we have more applicants than we have positions because of our attractive location, the community we build and our returning counselor rate. We intentionally search for individuals to be on staff that are a reflection of the diversity of the campers that we serve.  Staff members are screened carefully by the camp director or executive director for experience, skills, character, personality, attitude and leadership ability. Each candidate completes a thorough application and are interviewed to a set standard. We receive references to confirm the strengths of each applicant. Each summer staff have a criminal background and sexual offender background check.


The entire staff, both new and returning, arrive at least 10 days before camp for orientation covering procedures, policies, camp activities and counseling skills. Our goal is to build a staff team that works together to provide a positive experience for our campers. The directors focus staff on the needs and abilities of campers, on how to work with groups and individuals and on how to deal with situations that might occur help during the summer. A bond exists between the entire Camp Howe staff, with the foundation of a commitment to make a difference in the lives of the youth that we work with.  

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We hire activity leaders for their maturity, expertise and and experience in the given activity area. Activities are carefully organized to minimize risks and maximize fun. Where practical, cabin counselors assist the instructors or are trained to be instructors.

A lifeguard supervises and instructs each waterfront activity. The first full day of each session, campers participate in a swim evaluation so our staff can assess safe swimming ability. All campers wear lifejackets for boating activities.


Protecting the health and wellness of the children at camp is an important goal of our program. Campers who are well taken care of are more likely to enjoy new activities. Our staff and medical personnel watch campers closely for indications of when a camper may need special care.
The camp health center is supervised by a registered nurse and often supported by EMT's, nursing students and paramedics. Together they ensure medications, first aid, as needed medications and TLC are administered in a professional and friendly atmosphere. To aid in the wellness of campers and staff, we place a high value on safety in camp. Campers are taught safety procedures throughout camp. In the event of injury, many staff are trained in first aid and CPR and our lifeguards are certified by the American Red Cross or similar organization.

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Meet the Team of 2023

Check back often to learn more about our recent hires. 

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