Building a camp in which all youth feel valued, welcomed and included is a difficult venture. It isn’t as simple as making the best plan, but rather creating the best community and at Camp Howe,  that is what we strive towards.  At Camp Howe we believe the most important acknowledgment of our programs comes from our campers, their families and our alumni. The most powerful form of advertising for us, is word of mouth. More than 85% of our campers learned about us from family, friends and alumni. What people say about us makes us proud, makes us improve, and makes us look hard at what we're doing. Therefore, the words of our families and campers are not only important, they literally shape the future of Camp Howe.


"We did our research and we were skeptical that Camp Howe could live up to such rave reviews but our son's experience exceeded our expectations!  Everyone we met was friendly and enthusiastic and our son had an amazing experience!"

Parent of a Camper

"Our son has always leaned toward sports camps and we were unsure about how he would like this camp. However, he didn't stop talking about camp for days after we picked him up! He was helpful at home and nice to his little sister upon his return. He sang songs and talked about his many new friends from camp. He wants to go back for multiple weeks next summer and we would love to make that happen for him. It was great to see all campers enjoying each other's company and supporting one another. The counselors did a great job making sure everyone was included and respected. Thank you to your wonderful, caring and fun staff!"

Parent of a Camper

"It is with much emotion that I am writing this letter. My son Alex was a 2nd year camper this year. To say he had a fantastic time is an extreme understatement. For two weeks a year he does not have down syndrome, wear hearing aides, or have difficulty with his speech. He is simply a camper at Camp Howe. He is accepted for who he is and is given the same opportunities as the other campers. Camp Howe is truly a camp for all youth.  How is a good camp made? How does a camp become great? When is a camp more than a camp. . . but a cherished and loved place where all feel welcome and accepted? These are questions I need not ask any more. All I must do is talk with any staff member at Camp Howe and experience the bonding amongst staff and campers alike and my questions are answered. It is very difficult to entrust your child to the care of “strangers” but the staff helped me to understand that Camp Howe was the right place for Alex. They were so very right!"

Parent of an Echo Camper

"From the minute we arrive, our Emily never felt so welcome. She dreads when camp ends. We appreciate the structure that is provide with the kindness and compassion of every single staff member at CH. Our daughter plans to come till she cannot come any longer! Camp Howe is such an important part of our summer and we are so blessed to have such a great place to send our child! Thanks!!"

Parent of a Camper

“When I think of Camp Howe I think of love, friendships and happiness.  People may say “don’t you miss your family while you’re there?” When they ask me that, I don’t even have to think of the answer.  I say, “My family is right here.” When you go to Camp Howe, it’s like you have another family.  Everyone there is so nice and caring. There is no other place on earth like Camp Howe! If I never went to Howe, I would never of learned to climb a rock wall, shoot a bow and arrow, get over fears etc. Camp Howe lets you be who you are! It's not like school, because at school you try and fit in, but at Camp Howe you don’t have to try to be something you’re not.  People will accept you for whoever you are. I can’t wait until I’m able to be a counselor at Camp Howe and help so many different kinds of people and make so many new friends.  It’s only 4 more years and I can’t wait! 


"His counselors were amazing.  They seemed to understand the need for teens to be more independent while still keeping watchful eye.  They were inclusive, caring, fun and responsible.  They were like older brothers to the boys.  Lots of fun activities and opportunities to socialize and bond with other teens."

Parent of a Teen Camper

"The BEST part of your inclusive Echo program is that it is truly inclusive!! To the "naked eye" you would never know there was such a thing as an inclusive Echo program....and isn't that what true inclusion is supposed to look like? As a public school educator, I wish our school administrators could grasp what Camp Howe clearly embraces on a cellular level! BRAVO!!!!."

Parent of a Day Camper

"The five weeks that I spent at Camp Howe during this past summer most definitely changed my life. I am still not exactly certain how, but I know that it greatly affected who I am today and who I will be in the future. To tell the truth, last spring I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a CIT and then go on to be a counselor, but with the experience that I had at camp this summer, I am without question applying to work there next summer. I know that it would be sacrificing most of my last summer after high school, but it has had such a great influence and impact on me that I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t go back."


“Keep hiring the great global community counselors -- the global diversity contributes to the richness of the experience for our children in many, many ways -- sharing culture, foods, games, language openly and generously to start.  Better than a geography lecture any day!  And necessary for kids to have this global access and acceptance.”

Parent of a Camper

“Over the weekend I was reminded again of how much my daughter enjoyed Camp Howe and I wanted to take some time to tell you how great your camp is!  She is still talking about it and wants to go to Camp Howe longer next year! When we picked her up from camp she even asked if she could stay another week or come back this summer!  It was great to hear the happiness and joy in her voice as she told us all about camp.  And the smile that has lasted for weeks is priceless.  If she is sad, all we have to do is talk about her week at camp and she is instantly cheered up.  I wish the whole world was made up of 4-H kids.  They're awesome people and it makes me happy knowing that these young folks will be our country's leaders.  The staff was outstanding too!  They went beyond every expectation I had and I am so thankful to them for giving her happy memories of camp!   My daughter, the one that would only do arts and crafts, was telling me about flag football!  She told me she didn't have time to go in the Arts and Crafts cabin, because she was having to much fun!  My daughter, who's afraid of the dark was out hiking through the darkness and jumping in the lake with all her clothes on!  My daughter, who never sleeps over friend’s houses wants to go to Camp Howe for the entire summer.  It's unbelievable.  If I didn't hear it first hand, I would never believe it.  I could go on and on forever about Camp Howe so if you need a reference, please don't hesitate to call me. Thank you so much..... for everything!” 

Parent of a Camper

"The entire experience of being on staff changed my life. I've realized what a difference I can make in the lives of children, and I know that it's what I want to do for the rest of my life.  Nowhere else will you find a place where everyone is accepted, regardless of their disability, culture and differences. Seeing kids crying because they don't want to leave shows what a huge impact we've had on them. Camp Howe has made me the person that I am today, and my entire summer was an experience that has changed my life"

Staff Member 

"First off, you should know that I have very high standards for summer camp programs.  I attended, staffed, and directed a variety of camps and have consulted for camps in their development process.  I am difficult to impress.  We made the decision to sign our daughter up for her first overnight camp based on a recommendation from trusted friends, but did not really know what to expect.  From the moment we arrived on site, I was blown away.  I was impressed by the physical environment, social atmosphere, clear structure, and caring staff.  I know how much education, training, preparation, and maintenance it takes to sustain quality camping experiences, especially residential, and I am simply astonished by what I saw in my brief time on site (I was so impressed, I asked my daughter if I could stay with her for the week; she declined :) Some camp programs focus too much on competition, creating an atmosphere where most are "losers," others provide too little structure and emotional framing. From what I have seen and heard, Camp Howe not only avoids these pitfalls, it sets a new standard in inclusivity and character development."

Parent of a Camper

“The worse part of Camp Howe is leaving and saying good-bye you become so attached to everyone. No matter how long you go to camp every year when I have to leave I cry my eyes out.  It’s like your leaving your family. When you go to Camp Howe you will never forget the counselors or the camp!”


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