Camp Howe is managed by one full time staff and supported year round by amazing staff and volunteers.
Year Round Leadership


Executive Director

Westfield, MA USA

Terrie graduated from the University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia and worked as a counselor of teens and families before coming to the states. Terrie is a lifelong camper and has spent the past 27 summers working at camp. She has held the positions of Instructor, Inclusion Counselor, Program Specialist, CIT Director, Special Events Director, Outdoor Program Staff and Director in camps both in Australia and the US. She has worked for camps operated by the Australian Government, Girl Scouts, YMCA and 4H. Terrie is both a Visitor and an Instructor of Visitors for the American Camp Association(ACA) and serves on the Board of Directors ACA New England and regional standards committee. She believes in the positive impact of the camp experience for all youth, especially in the inclusive environment of Camp Howe.

Years at Howe: 14th



New Britian, CT USA

Greetings and Salutations one and all!!! I am so very happy to be joining the amazing Camp Howe family for the 2016 season! This will be my 10th year learning and growing here at Howe and my 18th year working as camp professional. Before coming to Camp Howe I held positions at both Girl Scouts and YMCA camps as Unit Leader, Challenge Course/Adventure Director, CIT/ LIT Director, Adventure Trip Leader, Adventure Day Trip Director, Program Director, Assistant Director and Camp Director. When I’m not at Camp Howe I work as a Program Facilitator at an outdoor center teaching social skills and teambuilding, as well as a Teacher’s Aide at a child care center. I truly love working with children unplugged and in the out of doors. I believe it is where the magic of friendship and the understanding of the world around you truly can happen. I can’t wait to see all the new and returning faces this summer enjoying new adventures.

Years at Howe: 10th

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Summer Staff


Teen Girl Coordinator/ Counselor

llion, NY USA

My name is Allie, I'm a first timer at Camp Howe and the Teen Girl Coordinator for the summer of 2016. I'm a junior Music major at Hartwick College in Upstate New York. I'm a big fan of camp shenanigans, as I've been a camp counselor at another camp for 5 years, and I want to ensure that we have the best summer ever here at Camp Howe! I can't wait to meet you all, and we can learn, grow, and have some silly adventures together!

Years at Howe: 1st


Sports Counselor

Poole, England

Hey people of the world, my name is Amber and I'm from Poole, England. This is my second year as a sports director at camp. Couldn't stay away loved it that much. I just had to come back. Looking forward to the summer and making amazing memories together and lots of new friends. My interests are sports, traveling and working with young people and helping them get the most out of every day. Not long now and I will be in Massachusetts doing sports and eating smor's around the camp fire.

Years at Howe: 2nd



Westfield, MA USA

You can learn more about me at camp!

Years at Howe: 1st



Cummington, MA USA

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be a part of the Camp Howe staff of 2016! Ive been a camper several times and I can't wait to see camp from the perspective of being a counselor and make a difference in the lives of my campers just like my counselors did for me. I'm a freshman at University of Maine at Farmington and studying elementary education with a minor in biology. I love all animals and love hiking in the woods. Can't wait get to know everyone else! Looking forward to a great 2016 summer season.

Years at Howe: 5TH


Junior Boys Cooordinator/Waterfront Counselor

Cushendall Antrim , Ireland

Hi everyone. My name is Barney. I'm from a small town called Cushendall in County Antrim, Ireland. I currently work as a lifeguard in a local swimming pool. Excited to be back. This will be my second year at Camp Howe. I will be a waterfront counselor this year. Can't wait to see all the returners and meet some new people as well. See you all in July and August!

Years at Howe: 2nd


Assistant Director

Minera, Wrexham Wales

Hey all! I'm Bethan (from Wales) and I'm so super excited to be returning to camp Howe for my 3rd year! I was here last time in 2005 (?) as echo director, but this time I shall be bringing much more than my back pack (and good chocolate), I'll be joined by my husband (Darran) and 3 children, grace (9), Minnie (4) and Woody (1). I can't explain how excited I am for this opportunity for both me and my family (they're pretty excited too). I love camp, and in my experience camp Howe takes the cake! I'm a trained Behavioural therapist, currently specialising in sleep, I work for a research charity for children with neurological conditions in the UK. My absolute favourite parts of camp are songs, campfire, evening program, the dance .......hhhhm, you get the picture. Anyway, can't wait to meet you all in June X X

Years at Howe: 3rd



Adams, MA USA

You have to come to camp to learn more about me!

Years at Howe: 3rd


Volunteer Counselor

Madrid Spain

Hi everyone! Sorry for introducing myself so late! I'm Carla I'm Spanish and this is gonna be my second year at camp and I'm gonna be a volunteer this year. I love skiing, reading and also jogging. I love watching football, not playing it though 😂. I'm so so excited about meeting you all and see the ones that I already know.

Years at Howe: 2nd


Adventure Counselor

Manchester, England

‘Hi, I’m Clare! This will be my first year at Camp Howe and I can’t wait! I’m from Manchester in the UK. I’m currently a third year French student at the University of Birmingham and I’ve just completed my year abroad in Grenoble, France. I love outdoor sports, especially, water sports, biking, and ropes. I’m a massive movie nerd and love photography and travelling. Can’t wait to see you all at camp!‘

Years at Howe: 1st



Sheffield, England UK

Hi i'm Dan, its my first year at Camp Howe but my second in the USA, i'm currently graduating from the University of Sheffield (BA Geography) in a few weeks and I will be starting my teacher training in September back home in Liverpool. I love travelling, adventures hikes, soccer and I was obsessed with water sports last year. I cant wait to be back at camp, and really looking forward to meeting everyone and getting stuck in!

Years at Howe: 1ST


Kitchen Counselor

Florence, MA USA

Hello! My name is Danni, and this is going to be my first year of staff. I'm about to graduate from high school, and the first place I'm going after graduation is the wonderful Camp Howe. I'm extremely excited to get to work with such an amazing group of people, and I'm psyched to make memories that will last a lifetime. See you all soon!

Years at Howe: 3rd


Logistics and CIT Director

Minera, Wrexham Wales

Hi everyone, well I'm Darran and this will be my first year at camp. I therefore lack any direct memories although I do feel that I have been due to being bombarded with camp stories and songs from my wife ( Bethan). I am in my final year of BA hons in social work having spent 20 years working with children and young people. I am also currently a detached youth worker and father to 3 beautiful children. Looking forward to meeting everyone and a summer of fun and frolics

Years at Howe: 1st


Assistant Kitchen Manager

Goshen, MA USA

Hello everyone! My name is Ellie. This will be my second year at camp. I am excited to be back working with Michele in the kitchen. I love spending time with family, biking, campfires, dogs, fishing, fresh water and deep sea, gardening, hiking, kayaking and swimming. I am looking forward to seeing all returning campers and  staff and meeting everyone attending camp for the first time.

Years at Howe: 2nd



Worthington, MA USA

Hello all! I'm Emily and this is my very first year on staff but my 11th year at camp. Currently I am a senior in high school going to college for nursing next year. I look foward to an amazing summer with you all and I can't wait to make friends and lots of memories! It can't come soon enough!

Years at Howe: 11TH



Amherst, MA USA

You can learn more about me at camp!

Years at Howe: 1ST


Program Director

Lafayette, IN USA

Hi everyone!!! It's great to be back and I am SO excited to be here! For those I have yet to meet, my introduction in traditional Howe style: my name is Ethan, I will be the Program Director. 2016 will be my 2nd year at Camp Howe, and I am from Indiana, US. Oh, and I love the hippopotamus song smile emoticon Did I mention I am excited?One of my favorite parts about going to camp are the themes! Dressing up in costumes, acting like a pirate or a disney character - I mean, there just aren't many jobs where I can go in fully decked out as superman.

Years at Howe: 2nd


Waterfront Director

Ibaque Colombia

Hi everyone i am Ivan Felipe Reyes Cortes i am from Colombia this is my 5th year at Camp Howe and i am the Waterfront Director i have a B.A. In physical education sports and recreation also a Master in Education and i work as a College Teacher and as a Personal Trainer i love sports and i love being active so Camp is the place where i want to be cause when i am at camp is the time that i am active the most. (That is what my activity tracker says). I am so excited to see everyone and to meet the new staff i hope you are as excited as i am!

Years at Howe: 5th



Leverett, MA USA

Hi everyone, I'm Gabe. This will be my first year at Camp Howe and I'm really excited. I  am from Leverett, Massachusetts but i go to school at Ohio Wesleyan University and i will be going into my senior year in the fall. I love playing most sports, ultimate frisbee is my main sport and i also enjoy traveling.  I am looking forward to meeting everyone and having a great summer at camp.

Years at Howe: 1ST


Kitchen Assistant Counselor

Easthampton, MA USA

Hi everyone!! I'm Hannah and I'm currently a junior at Easthampton High School. This will be my 4th year here at Camp Howe and my first on staff and I'm so excited. Some of my hobbies include running, stand up paddle boarding and skiing. I love being outside, singing camp songs and best of all toasting marshmallows. See everyone very soon.

Years at Howe: 4th



Easthampton, MA USA

You can learn more about me at camp!

Years at Howe: 1st



Framingham, MA USA

Hi all! I'm Hillary. This will be my 8th year at Camp Howe and I could not be more excited! I'm a volunteer this year, but any time at camp I can get I will take. My hobbies include playing spit (the card game), making friendship bracelets, and reading in the grass. I can't wait to meet everyone. This is going to be a great summer!

Years at Howe: 8th



Westfield, MA USA

Check  back soon to learn more about me!

Years at Howe: 1ST



Brunssum. Netherlands

You can learn more about me at camp!

Years at Howe: 1st


Farm Counselor

Auckland, New Zealand

Kia ora! I'm Jenna from Auckland New Zealand :)This will be my first year of camp and I am super excited. I have just finished my bachelors degree in Zoology and my ultimate goal is to work in wolf conservation! I love being outdoors especially kayaking to see the little blue penguins, going tramping (hiking), and playing any kind of sport. Can't wait to meet you all!!

Years at Howe: 1st



Fairport, NY USA

Hi! My name is Jerrell Roberts but a lot of people call me Jelly. This will be my very first year at Camp Howe. I'm from Rochester New York. I am a student at Monroe Community College and my major is child development. I LOVE playing rugby and basketball, and beating my brother in video games. One more thing I LOVE DONUTS SOO MUCH!!!!!! I can't wait to come to camp and meet all of you guys. It's going to be the best summer!

Years at Howe: 1 st



Boston, MA USA

Hi everyone!My name is Joe! I am very excited for my Camp Howe debut, but this is far from the my first rodeo. I've worked at a summer camp for 5 summers before. I'm from the Greater Boston area, where I graduated college with a degree in Elementary Education. I love camp life and am looking forward to a great summer getting know you all!

Years at Howe: 1ST



Shrewsbury, MA USA

Hey guys!  My name is Joelle (Jo-L). This will be my first year at Camp Howe and I am very excited. I am a freshman at The Ohio State University studying world politics but I am originally from central MA. I am a nature enthusiast and love hiking, biking, and kayaking. It's going to be a great summer and I can't wait to meet you all!!

Years at Howe: 1ST


Program Logistics

Barkhamsted, CT

Hey guys! My name is Josh, and I’m super excited to be joining Camp Howe for this summer!  Some of my favorite activities include the stick game, campfires, and screaming toes! When I’m not at camp, one can usually find me swimming, running, or hiking.  I am currently attending Northwestern Connecticut Community College for Computer Systems and Technology.  What I’m looking forward most to this summer is playing the stick game for hours on end, and helping out with all aspects of camp! Can’t wait to meet you all!

Years at Howe: 2nd



Worcester, MA USA

"Hi, my name is Karen and I am excited to be a nurse at Camp Howe again this summer. I have worked at different camps serving positions from Director to Nurse. I love the outdoors - every season and find fun things to do every season. I am excited to be returning to Camp Howe - the best place on earth!"

Years at Howe: 3rd



Hague Zuid, Netherlands

Hallo allemaal ( dutch for hi everyone J) I am Khadija and I'm from the Netherlands. I am 23 years young and this will be my second year at camp Howe! In 2014 I was a teen counselor and I loved it and I can't wait to go back. I study social work special needs and I hear if I'm graduated during camp, on the 27th of June SO EXITED FINGERS CROSSED!! Besides my study, I work in a orphanage and at a clothing store. I love to sing (I have been singing since I was 8 yo), dance, draw, go on adventures and have a lot of fun! One of the biggest thing camp Howe taught me was that no obstacle is too big to overcome if you really want it! I can't wait to do things I never thought I could I'm so exited to see all the lovely faces of all the children that I already know and to meet so many more! And co-workers as well of course. I can't wait to go on a new adventure and make new memories! See this summer.

Years at Howe: 2nd



West Hartford, CTUSA

You can learn more about me at camp!

Years at Howe: 7TH



Chesterfield, MA USA

"Hey y'all my name is Kimi. this will be my 13th summer working at Camp Howe. I love nothing more than spending the summer at camp.  I have done a little bit of everything at camp, this year I will be the week one nurse. I have recently moved from  Beaufort SC as an Emergency room RN to a nursing position on Matha's Vinyard.  I love my Job  but I am so looking forward to a peaceful and fun filled week of camp. Can't wait to be back home at camp even if only for 2 week."

Years at Howe: 13th