Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Camp Howe goes beyond the realm of teaching skills such as kicking a soccer ball, learning a new swim stroke or making a masterpiece in arts and crafts. We don’t believe we catapult any child into gaining any of these skills to any level of mastery (thought we have a lot of fun trying). We excel at having each child learn to accept themselves - just as they are - strengths and weakness. Learning to genuinely value those around them and appreciate them gives campers the confidence to break outside their own social comfort zone and engage in meaningful interactions with individuals very different from themselves to open up a new world for them.  We believe that camp is more than summer childcare. Camp is a community that helps make the greater world a better place through understanding, acceptance and appreciation of the barriers that typically exist.

The mission of Camp Howe is to offer high quality, accredited, educational and recreational camping program and facilities to all youth and adults in a formative experience which helps to prepare them with basic life skills involving team work, leadership, decision making, resource management, self-awareness, coping, communicating and relating to others. 

Our strongest asset is the community that has been established, one that is accepting of differences in others. This forms the basis of all that we do and forms a community that truly embraces and values the differences in each other. In a community of this kind, true life lessons can be experienced, learned, practiced and understood. In this environment youth have the freedom to explore their own personal biases, self-concepts and social pressures and the opportunity to make life effecting changes. We are committed to building on the community created to establish a more accepting environment. We believe that by being an inclusive environment, all members of the community must be active in its success.


At Camp Howe we offer a wide range of camp activities and electives encourage campers to pursue new interests, cultivate friendships and develop individual strengths.