Can we tour the camp before our child attends?
Yes. Please call the camp office to schedule your tour and get directions to the camp office. If you can, it is best to come during the summer to see camp in action. Our open house is in June each year; information about the Open House will be on the website  as soon as the date has been selected.


How can we help prepare our child for camp?

Our campers live in a cabin with age appropriate peers. Please discuss with your camper about dressing or changing in a room where other campers will be present and maintaining modesty. Many campers are not used to the lack of privacy. All campers will take turns doing different chores during their stay at camp. Explain to your camper that doing chores is a big part of group living and teaches responsibility and independence. Chores will be tasks such as helping at meal times, cleaning the cabin and unit area and keeping the bathrooms tidy. Chores will be supervised as with all other activities.


Part of the challenge of each child’s camp experience is learning to function in a new setting with new people. They are rewarded by finding that they can succeed in making new friends and in adjusting to unfamiliar group situations. Counselors encourage the growth of these skills through planned activities as well as with their caring attitudes. If you have any special concerns, please let us know before assignments are made.


Be sure to read our page on homesickness for other useful tips


What should we say to our child about inclusion and acceptance?

Camp Howe is a community in which we embrace individual differences of all our campers and staff. It is the Camp Howe philosophy to value each individual which provides a life changing experiences for all our campers. It is a good idea to have a conversation with your child so that they will be aware that at camp they will be sharing the experience with people different from them. Some differences are obvious and some are less so. Please encourage them to speak to the staff if they have questions or concerns. Despite our differences, we have so many similarities and we are all at camp to enjoy a safe a fun camp experience.


What do I need to know about personal hygiene?

Please talk with your camper about keeping clean while at camp. Let your camper know how often to shower and shampoo. The campers will not shower every day, but most will swim and rinse every day. Cabin counselors encourage their campers to brush their teeth, but a prepared youth is more likely to follow through with the responsibility. It is important to tell your camper not to wear a bathing suit except when swimming. Some kids want to wear them all day and this is not healthy.


Please send the necessary supplies if your female camper has begun menstruations. Often times the physical activity, heat, and changed circumstances can stimulate the advent of the first period for girls. Be sure she knows what to expect and encourage her to talk to her counselor should she start or need to get supplies. At camp she will have all the encouragement and support she needs. Many families save this for teen campers but we are seeing girls younger and younger (as young as 10) and encourage you to prepare your child.


Sometimes a new environment brings on bed-wetting. You should prepare your child that this could happen and to have them talk to their counselor if it occurs. If your child should have a history of bedwetting, please be sure it is noted on the health form.


What should we pack?


  • Sleeping apparel (pajamas, sweat suit or oversize t-shirt)

  • Daily change of socks and underwear (plus a few extra)

  • Shirts (both short and long sleeved - mornings can be chilly some days)

  • Hoodies or sweaters

  • Shorts

  • Jeans or long pants

  • Wet weather gear (Raincoat or poncho, rain hat and footwear)


  • Sturdy footwear. Shoes and/or sneakers are a must for most activities

  • Sandals MUST be closed toe for Safety Reasons.

  • 1 pair of wet shoes (old sneakers for boating or swimming, may get ruined)

Swim gear

  • Swimsuit (modest and functional)

  • Beach towel


  • Soap

  • Shampoo

  • Toothbrush

  • Toothpaste

  • Hair brush or comb

  • 2 Towels and washcloths

  • Shower Shoes (shoes or flip-flops to wear in shower)


  • Sheet 

  • Blankets or Sleeping Bag

  • Pillow and extra case


  • Trunk or duffle for storage

  • Flashlight and extra batteries

  • Water bottle with strap

  • Day Pack (backpack)

Other Items

  • Sun-block lotion SPF-15 or higher 

  • Insect Repellent 

  • Sun hat with wide brim and bandana

Optional Items

  • Camera

  • Dress up clothes for the dance that match the theme for all camps

  • Laundry Bag with name on it. (mesh bags are good for air flow)

  • Stationery and writing supplies

  • Books or magazines for quiet reading


What do we pack in?

Please restrict gear to what is needed. Space is limited and there is no room for large excess. All personal gear, as well as luggage, should be labeled to avoid loss or mix-ups. Please do not bring MONEY, valuables, DANGEROUS ARTICLES or pets to camp.  FOOD brought to camp MUST be placed in the cabin food bin and be items that can be shared with cabin mates. Due to allergies, please do not send any tree nut or peanut items. Food attracts bears and mice and we must be diligent in keeping them out of the cabins. Camp Howe cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or theft of camper's personal property or clothing.


How do we help you minimize lost and found?

Camp Howe is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. Things can and do get lost at camp. Do not send things that are valuable or new.  Recheck the packing list before leaving camp and let someone know if something is missing. While camp is not responsible for lost items, if you call right away, we may be able to find them.   Label every item clearly with your camper’s name and check through your camper’s belongings before departure. If you think your child is missing anything at the end of camp, call the office at 413 268-7635. Lost and found property is held at camp for 30 days. After this date, all will be donated to a local charity.


What things should we not pack for camp?


  • No knives, firearms or weapons of any type may be brought to Camp.

  • Camp Howe provides all equipment for activities so it is not necessary to bring anything for sports or other activities.

  •  Jewelry, such as gold chains or bracelets, and other valuable items should not be brought to camp or worn.

  • Alcohol is never permitted at Camp Howe.

  • Only those medications authorized by a parent and administered by the Camp Nurse are allowed. No drugs are allowed.

  • Animals may not be brought to Camp without permission from a director.

  • Campers are not to bring motor vehicles or motorized devices.

  • Electronic devices of any kind including radios, tape recorders and hand-held games, are only to be used during siesta and bed times. If items are used at other times and interfere with the program, they may be confiscated by the staff. Camp Howe is not responsible if they electronic devices are lost, stolen or damaged.


Any prohibited item found at camp will be held in the camp office until the end of the session or will be mailed to the camper’s home. THIS INCLUDES CELL PHONES!

Is information the same for day campers as for resident camp?

We view day campers as the same as resident campers but they get to sleep at home at night. Drop off is Monday at 8:30am and pick up is between 5:30 and 5:45pm. Each day camper is assigned a residential cabin and spends the day with them. Lunch is provided ​in our dining services. Day campers need to bring the things that they need for each day: towel, bathing suit, drink bottle, poncho or rain jacket and a sense of fun and adventure.