Cabin Activities are a time that campers get to enjoy all of the activities that Camp Howe offers. Staff individual talents are utilized during our Interest Group time slots and vary from year to year. These can range from Juggling, and Learning Cantonese or Polish, to Water polo, Latin Dancing, and Zumba


Our Night Activities and All Camps are when the entire camp comes together for a community wide activity that brings out the craziness and the true spirit of camp. 


These activities can include, but definitely are not limited to:

  • Battleship

  • Capture the Mattress (made even more fun in the mud)

  • Carnivals

  • Counselor Hunts

  • Drive in Movie Theater

  • Paper Bag Skits

  • Mud Soccer

  • Olympics

  • Scavenger Hunts

  • Talent Shows

  • Themed Dances​

  • and much much more. 


Typically, each week is given a theme that carries throughout the week from the opening to the final all camp event. Staff love to embrace their silly side and really get into them which ultimately encourages all campers to do the same.