When is Check In?

For Day Campers: You can check your child in on Sunday with resident campers if you would like shorten your Monday morning drop off time. Typically Check in for Day Camp is Monday at 8:30am.

For Resident Campers: Check in is on the Sunday your session begins (to maximize program time and to avoid congestion, the following schedule is recommended.)

Arrival Times      

  • CIT’s – 1:30 - 2:15

  • Teen campers Registration - 1:30 - 2:15 pm 

  • Junior / Day campers registration - 2:15 - 3:00 pm

  • Day campers may also check-in at - 8:30am on their first Monday.


What forms will I need to have on the first day?

All forms are required to be submitted prior to the start of your child's session. The only forms to bring would be if there has had changes.


What do we do when we arrive at camp for check in?

Upon arrival, a staff member will greet you, pointing out parking areas and where registration begins. You will be given a check in sheet which will post the locations of the various stations you will need to visit prior to going to your assigned cabin.

Diemand Hall: Here you will officially check in and confirm the paperwork that you have previously uploaded. Your child will also receive their cabin assignments. .

Rec Hall: Two lines for parents or guardians: one for those without medications and one for those with medications.  All medications must be in original containers, placed with and controlled by the Health Supervisor. Health forms are reviewed with the Health Supervisor.

Apple Tree:  Campers will be screened for temperature and head lice.

Camp Store (outer room of the new rec hall): Open an account for your camper ($10 or $20). Order a camp photograph. ($8.00). You can also make purchases of store items here. You can also make payment for the camp store using your online account. If so, you can skip this line.

Cabin Assigned After completing registration in the dining hall, it’s time to move your child into the cabin. Here, you’ll get a chance to meet your child’s counselors. Feel free to ask questions and get to know the counselors a little better. We want you to feel secure in knowing with whom you’ve left your most priceless possession. Information such as any bedwetting habits, anxieties your child may be having, recent traumatic experiences, and general social adjustment of your child should be given to the counselors. This is most helpful and allows us to give the best possible camping experience to your child. If you have any concerns, please speak with the camp or executive director prior to leaving. We want to ensure that you feel good about leaving your child in our care.


At this point, the check-in process is complete and you are free to leave. Leaving can be a stressful time, especially for a camper who is experiencing camp for the first time. We suggest that you discuss your plans with your child before arriving at camp. Designate a short amount of time you intend to stay after settling your child into a cabin and stick to it. Lingering longer can often make a child nervous and more apt to start off feeling homesick. Campers and staff are eager to start their program, meeting cabin mates and becoming oriented to camp life. Don’t feel slighted if your camper doesn’t seem to care that you are taking your departure.  That’s the sign of an interested, enthusiastic camper. 



What time does check out begin?

Families may begin to collect their campers at 6pm.

6:00 PM - Families Arrive


Will our child have eaten when we pick them up?

We will feed your child prior to pick up. To make your evening more enjoyable, we recommend having eaten prior to arriving at camp.


Where do we sign our child out when we arrive?

Sign out your camper outside of Diemand Hall with the members of our leadership team, receiving:

  • Medications (if any)

  • Camp Store Balance (if any) and camp photograph (if ordered)

  • A slip which you exchange for your camper with the cabin counselor.


Reunite with  your camper at their unit cabin. If you arrive early, please respect our program and be patient until check out officially begins. During this time you can watch the camp slide show in the rec hall or get to know our other families. Be sure to check through luggage with your camper. CHECK THE LOST AND FOUND!


When does the closing ceremony begin and how long does it last?

Closing ceremony will begin at 6.40pm at the flag pole. Please plan to attend to allow campers the opportunity to say goodbye to all of the staff and new friends made. Awards will be presented at this ceremony. Typically the ceremony ends between 7:30 and 8:00. At the end of a two session or the end of the summer, the ceremony may end later.


What do we do if we cannot pick our camper up?

Campers being picked up by an adult other than their parent/guardian must have submitted a completed release form prior to check out day. We fully understand that sometimes things happen that necessitates having someone else pick them up. If this is the case, you may call the camp office for additional information. Your online account requires you to fill out a Password. You can give the adult picking up your child the password and we will release them. 


What do we do if our child comes home with extra things or has left something at camp?

Often campers unpack at home and find that they are missing valuable things. Please call the camp immediately; if you are missing items you had labeled, there is a good chance we can get them back to you. Also, if you are unpacking and find items that do not belong to your child, please call so we can see if we can get them to the rightful owner. Unclaimed articles will be donated to charity after September first.


How do we give you feedback about our child’s experience?

Talk with your camper about their camp experience, then, PLEASE, take time to fill out the online evaluation that you will be sent a link to via email. The Camp Howe Board of Directors, Executive Director and Staff have plotted and planned your child’s week at camp and have a perspective of how it went.  Your feedback will greatly augment the overall evaluation of our success, and guide us in our goal in future “to make the best better”. After your camper’s stay, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Executive Director or Camp Director at 413-268-7635.


Is it ok if my child is late to camp, gets picked up early, or misses one day of camp?

It is best if a camper is present for full days each and every day of camp, so that the group can bond and campers don’t miss any of the activities that the staff have planned. We understand that there are many reasons for campers to be dropped off or picked up early. If this is the case, please give us advanced notice.


Can we bring our pets to Check In or Check Out?
Although camp may seem like the perfect place for your furry friend to explore, we kindly ask that you leave your pets at home. This allows us to provide a safer camp for those with allergies or fears of animals.


As part of our camp community, we do have camp dogs. These dogs have been screened and possess certifications to ensure that they are good canine citizens. Our farm animals are carefully selected to provide campers with the safest experience we can provide while handling these animals.